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Interior design

Interior design

Home interior design is one of the main issues that arise when arranging any house. The Magic Walls Systems company creates a design project FOR FREE and for each client individually. Your family comfort depends on how well-thought-out this project will be, and to what extent the individual preferences of each family member will be taken into account. Currently, designers tend to become increasingly focused on modern decorative materials, a variety of which allows you to create an exclusive interior design of a country house.

New technologies to ensure comfort in your house

Our company offers you a unique Magic Walls Systems technology. Its possibilities are endless. Your house will stand out among many similar buildings that are decorated according to standard techniques.

The Magic Walls Systems finishing technology offers vast decorative possibilities. This material can be applied onto any surface: wood, metal, brick, stone, foam, plaster, mineral wool, concrete, drywall, etc., and you will receive a dimensional imitation of natural stone or wood. In addition, the material’s high resistance to temperature extremes, its fire resistance, durability and environmental friendliness allow widely using it in order to create one’s own individual style.

The interior design of a country house involves extensive use for finishing of stone, wood or their imitation. Magic Walls Systems allows creating a three-dimensional imitation of marble, rough stone, travertine, slate, sandstone, aged wood, basalt, boulders, old bricks etc. Thanks to the wide color range of the Magic Walls Systems decorative coatings, it is possible to design any cottage interior in any style. The easy application of the modern material on a spherical surface (as well as in the hard-to-reach places, such as arches, ceiling, vaulted ceilings and columns) allows you to create multi-faceted and original design compositions.

If you want the interior design of your house to stand out in its originality, you should get the Magic Walls Systems decorative coating and use it for the finishing purposes. This is the best solution in terms of aesthetics, price, quality and reliability. The use of this technology for the walls, floors, doorways, staircases, fireplaces, windowsills and even countertops will turn these elements into a real decoration of your house.

The advantages of this unique coating include its light weight, the lack of connecting joints, the easiness of care, the waste-free technology and the material’s ability to be of any color which ensures its blending in with the rest of the furnishings.

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