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Landscape design

Landscape design

The landscape design of a land plot must be carefully planned. The Magic Walls Systems customers are able to see how their landscape will look like after the finishing works on a special design project that we develop FREE OF CHARGE. Only in this case your plot of land will please you with its harmonious look. There are no little things in this work. Each element plays an important role: the arrangement of lawns, gazebos, ponds, etc. Modern trends in landscape art attach great importance to the use of natural materials: stone and wood that help recreating the feeling of unity with nature.

Landscape design

Harmonious and unique design with Magic Walls Systems

At present, modern technologies enable us to develop rural landscape design using the Magic Walls Systems finishing technology, which is extremely varied in its solutions. It allows you to obtain a three-dimensional volumetric imitation of natural granite, basalt, sandstone, field stone, wood, travertine, Dagestan stone, brick, toadstone, wood bark and other materials. Various colors of the decorative coating expand the design possibilities.

When developing a landscape of your land plot, you should consider the extent to which its elements will be combined with the interior of your cottage. The Magic Walls Systems finishing material will be indispensable in this case, since it can be used to imitate different materials.

It is used for:

Designing landscape with the use of the Magic Walls Systems technology allows you to give a strong personality to the territory adjacent to your house. The new material has not only aesthetic, but also excellent performance properties. It does not require special care, it is non-absorbent and durable, it does not lose color, is fire-resistant, environmentally friendly, resistant to temperature extremes, and it doesn’t have visible connecting seams. The advantages of the products made from the Magic Walls Systems material are also in the fact that they do not become overgrown with moss and do not get blackened. These qualities are particularly valuable in the construction of swimming pools and the surrounding territory.

The Magic Walls Systems material should be used during the construction of gazebos. It is particularly robust to abrasion, but its other valuable asset is its ability to imitate wood (either ordinary or aged). Here one can also accurately choose the color and texture in full compliance with the wood that is used for the production of walls.

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