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Facade finishing

Facade finishing

Facade finishing, done according to the Magic Walls Systems technology, has long been used in Western Europe and Russia, as one of the most modern methods of exterior finishing. A wide variety of stamps for decorative concrete allows quickly recreating various textured surfaces that will imitate any material (marble, granite, sandstone, etc.). The decorative finishing of facades is a great opportunity to use a wide range of colors, create an original design and give a three-dimensional shape to the house wall surfaces.

Facade finishing

Decorative finishing of facades

The increased interest in decorative finishing is explained not only by the attractiveness of the surface, but also by a lot of other advantages:

  1. The facade finishing, done according to the Magic Walls Systems technology, contributes to the significant reduction in terms of repairs, and saves working time.
  2. The decorative concrete can be applied to virtually any surface:
    • concrete;
    • brick;
    • ceramics;
    • drywall plaster board;
    • wood;
    • hard foam sheets;
    • OSB plates;
    • plastic.
  3. The high adhesion level and long-life materials make it possible to obtain a reliable and attractive finishing of any house or building.
  4. In contrast to the natural materials (field stone, marble, granite and others), decorative concrete is of low weight. This significantly reduces the load on the built structures, increasing the reliability of their use.
  5. The high speed of forming textured surfaces and reasonable costs of materials allow for finishing any walls of any size.
  6. The exterior facade finishing, done according to the Magic Walls Systems technology, helps to reduce the overall costs with regard to time and money, due to the low labor-intensiveness of the operations.
  7. The attractiveness of the textured surfaces is explained by the absence of visible seams and joints, as well as by the three-dimensional stamping.
  8. The possibility to cover the decorative concrete surface with the paint composition (selected from a wide color range) helps turning any design idea into reality.

The facade finishing of a privately-owned house is one of the elements of protection of built structures from the harmful effects of the environment. The excellent service properties of decorative concrete ensure:

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