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Prices for finish

The price of the finishing depends on the chosen texture and the volume of work, and is calculated free of charge by our manager for each client individually; if an order is made, the development and graphic illustration of design will be done free of charge also.
The Magic Walls Systems company sells materials used for decorative concrete finishing technology.

A properly selected finishing solution helps making your room harmonious and impressive. A huge selection of various materials allows implementing any design idea. The only limitation that can prevent you from using this or that particular technology is the price for the finishing. Especially costly operations are those connected to the design of façades and interiors decorated with natural materials, since this work requires special skills.

The technologies, used by the company, allow minimizing the prices of facade finishing. With our help you can (without paying extra money) implement your most daring interior design ideas. If you come to us, you can surely count on:

  • Great result
    We use decorative concrete in our work. This material makes it possible to imitate various types of stone and tree bark. The patented technology helps to get the desired result in the shortest time possible.
  • High level of service
    In addition to the finishing services, we carry out the development and drawing of the future design. If you order the finishing services in our company, this kind of work will be available free of charge.
  • Competitive prices
    Having analyzed the prices for façade decoration offered by other companies in the region, you will be pleasantly surprised. We will help you to create a spectacular and respectable interior without spending a lot of money.

Interior decoration at surprisingly good price

The interior decoration done by our company gives you an opportunity to decorate your house in accordance with modern fashion trends and do it at low costs. Our decorative concrete is able to imitate various kinds of natural materials. The surfaces can be of any color – according to your request. The prices of the interior decoration depend on the geometry of the premises, the state of the treated surface, and the selected type of decoration. Based on our experience, we will help you find the most harmonious and effective option of decoration depending on the characteristics of the premises.

Facade finishing at best price

Decorating your façade with natural or artificial stone is not cheap, which makes such services inaccessible to general public. An excellent alternative to this decorating method can be finishing the surfaces with decorative concrete. Your façade will look as presentable and impressive as that decorated with stone tiles, while the costs will be considerably lower. You can learn more about the price of services (related to your particular situation) if you contact our manager.

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