Magic Vertical Mix

  • It's a stamped concrete mix for walls, designed to create deep wall textures which imitates any material you want: variety of stone and wood patterns, brickwork, travertine and many others.
  • It has high insulating characteristics and can by applied directly to wood, stone and any other solid surface.
  • The layer thickness can be from 1 cm to 5 cm. Can be used in interior or exterior works.

Magic Floor Mix

  • It's a stamped concrete mix for floors which is resistant to most severe wear. The applied surface can imitate stone, wood or tile texture and can be painted in any color.
  • The formula includes additives for its setting in extreme temperatures (from -60°C to +120°C).

Magic Adhesive

  • This polymer glue forms a bond between the stamped concret mix and the surface. A distinctive feature of Magic Adhesive is its unmatched bonding quality, which derives from the unique formula.
  • Specially developed for treating difficult internal and external surfaces.

Magic Upgrader

  • A carefully developed polymer and an indispensable component of the stamped concrete mix used for treating floors and walls. Superior plastic qualities of this product have passed the test of time.

Magic Antique Effect

  • This material is used for painting concrete surface, giving it the decorative aged effect.

Magic Color Powder

  • When put and mixed on the fresh concrete solution, these special granules form unique natural stone patterns and textures. There are 29 different colors of Magic Color Powder to choose from.

Magic Colorant

  • Special acrylic water-based paint. This liquid paint's distinguishing feature is its penetrating properties. When the concrete solution is being painted, the paint sinks deep into the concrete, thus bringing durability and reliability to the painted surface. There are 25 different colors of liquid paint to choose from.

Magic Defender

  • Protective coating for concrete. Ideal for vertical and horizontal surfaces, protecting them from the environmental impact and ensuring their aesthetic look.
  • There are two products you can choose from, depending on the applied surface: Magic Vertical Defender is a protective coating for vertical surfaces, and Magic Floor Defender is a protective coating for the floors.

Magic Color Fix

  • Special fixer for liquid paints, mixing with which the desirable shade and color saturation are achieved.

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Advantages of our technology

Fire-resistant material
Great choice of textures and colors
Great thermal insulant
High strength and cold-resistance
Doesn’t require maintenance costs: the material doesn’t get clogged with dirt, doesn’t turn black or fade

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