Finishing technology

Surface preparation is one of the most important stages of work in the Magic Walls Systems finishing technology, which requires maximum concentration and effort. Three main conditions must be taken into account in order to ensure a good result:

  • complete cleaning of the surface from dust, dirt, concrete residues and other contaminants;
  • qualitative removal of cracks on the walls;
  • priming the surface.
    • Observing the above conditions makes it possible to achieve positive results and avoid problems with the application of the Magic Walls Systems material.

      Applying the mix

      The polymer-concrete mix is applied onto a flat and prepared surface that is devoid of fins. The best time for the coating layer formation is 30 minutes after mixing the ingredients. A specially shaped trowel is used to even up the layer thickness. A separate application technology is used for creating each specific texture. Thus, the creation of a brick surface structure requires the layer that is 10 mm thick, while a deeper texture requires the layer that is not less than 15 mm thick.


      Having obtained a uniform and even layer of coating over the entire surface of a treated wall, it is necessary to apply a selected texture or grouting. Two main tools are used to do that:

      • special forms;
      • cutting tools.


      The drying of the surface after the stamped layer formation is mainly determined by humidity, temperature and the presence of direct sunlight. When the stamped surface is dry, it is necessary to paint it. The selected color concentrate with a special sealer are used to prepare the paint. The recommended methods of application are:

      • using a spray-gun;
      • using a sponge and a brush;

      With these tools, you can create multiple color effects, which will help to emphasize the uniqueness of this coating.


      A special protective lacquer mix is sprayed onto the stamped and painted surface after it gets dry. When the lacquered layer is dry, the finished surface is ready for use.

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Advantages of our technology

Fire-resistant material
Great choice of textures and colors
Great thermal insulant
High strength and cold-resistance
Doesn’t require maintenance costs: the material doesn’t get clogged with dirt, doesn’t turn black or fade

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