Magic Walls Systems – a new meaning of decorative technology

The Magic Walls Systems trademark was established by Ababukur Bekmurziev and Tagir Bekmurziev and has been successfully used in various climatic zones of the Europe and Russia. We are constantly improving our technology and developing new kinds of materials.

The Magic Walls Systems technology was firstly applied in Sochi, Russia during the reconstruction of the facades of houses and the construction of Olympic Games facilities. Further on, the Magic Walls Systems technology was repeatedly used in many other Russian regions.


Our company is looking for reliable dealers who wish to engage in vigorous activity on the further development of sales of the decorative concrete that we manufacture.

In order to become our dealer, you have to:

  • • Register on our company’s website. After the registration we will contact you to update your contact information necessary for the documentation preparation.
  • • Enter into a dealership agreement, with you and our company being the parties. The required condition is that you must be officially registered as a legal entity or a self-employed entrepreneur. 2 copies of the agreement (signed by you) have to be sent via registered mail to our postal address. We will sign the agreement and return your copy to you.
  • • Complete the 2-day training on the use of the Magic Walls Systems technology. The training costs 15,000 rubles per person. This price includes training lessons and meals. Please, note, that is necessary to train at least one certified specialist per one dealer agreement.
  • • Upon the training completion you will receive a personal certificate stating that you are a certified specialist; you will also receive the dealer status, which allows you to make orders for materials at special dealer prices.
  • • When ordering, specify the details and amount of the ordered materials. Then you will be sent an invoice according to your order. You will always be able to view the status of your order on your personal account webpage.

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Advantages of our technology

Fire-resistant material
Great choice of textures and colors
Great thermal insulant
High strength and cold-resistance
Doesn’t require maintenance costs: the material doesn’t get clogged with dirt, doesn’t turn black or fade

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