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Magic Walls Systems™— new generation of decorative concrete
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Finishing and decor of facades, interior surfaces, decks and pavements.

Facade finishing

Interior decor

Surfacing of squares and pavements

Facade design

Landscape design

Interior design

Magic Walls System is used to texture and decorate multiple types of surfaces by imitating various kinds of stone, wood, brick, molding etc. It can be used both for interior and exterior decoration.

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Main advantages of decorating facades using the Magic Walls Systems technology:

  1. A huge range of applications and varieties of textures. The main feature of this technology is that it allows you to combine seemingly quite different materials in one polymer-concrete solution. If your work on the object requires decorating the main façade with wild stone and the plinth – with massive boulders, if framing the windows and doors has to imitate the wood texture, and the floor has to be covered with paving stones or tiles, then everything will be applied by using the same polymer-concrete mix. A variety of polyurethane stamps are used in order to obtain a three-dimensional shape and texture; then the solidified layer is painted and toned.
  2. The full compliance with the expected results of the work is achieved, for the process of painting provides you with the possibility to express your preferences in adjusting the color or shade (at a certain stage of the work completion it is possible to make the ready-to-be-painted material a darker or lighter shade). With a variety of textures and colors, you can bring any design ideas to reality.
  3. Easy to use. Using our material does not require much effort – a very simple algorithm of actions is used for its application and painting, which shortens the time of the object commissioning to its minimum, as well as makes it easier to work in the most difficult places.
  4. High level of strength, wear resistance, cold resistance, resistance to sunlight, moisture resistance and environmental friendliness. We have all the official certificates and written opinions.
  5. The material does not require maintenance costs (it doesn’t get clogged with dirt, doesn’t turn black or fade)
  6. The material is an excellent thermal insulant! Its thermal resistance index is 0.04.
  7. It has good fire-resistance properties.
  8. The warranty period is ten years. We are confident of the quality of our material and are ready to take responsibility.
  9. Individual approach. Our technology provides tremendous opportunities for the individualization of the project, based on the customer’s wishes and requirements. It is achieved through the manufacture of new types of stamps based on the desires of our customers.
  10. The lifetime is not less than 45 years.

The way we work

Facade finishing using the Magic Walls Systems technology

The facade finishing is the final stage of any construction or major repairs carried out to ensure the attractive appearance of the structure and to improve the structure’s protective functions. The use of traditional materials (brick, marble, sandstone, granite, etc.) is not always justified. Therefore, more and more construction companies are choosing the innovative method of the house exterior finishing, called Magic Walls Systems, when the house facade is finished by using a special type of decorative concrete, which has a number of advantages over traditional materials. The decoration, made with the use of this material, allows you to imitate:

At customer's wish the facade finishing will have virtually any texture, color and tone. The Magic Walls Systems technology allows applying decorative concrete on the surfaces of the following types:

Why the Magic Walls Systems technology is successful

The exterior decoration of a house with decorative concrete is:

Decorating your house facade following the Magic Walls Systems technology enables you to obtain a ten-year warranty from our company. We have extensive experience in facade finishing, therefore we are able to materialize the most unexpected and original ideas expressed by our clients.

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Our clients:

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